Tabitha House Offers Second Chance to Women with Addiction

Tabitha House pic

Tabitha House

A comprehensive Chicago-based payment processing service, Retriever Merchant Solutions (RMS) offers secure and reliable transaction management for businesses. Also focused on making positive contributions to the community, Retriever Merchant Solutions supports programs such as the Tabitha House for Women at Restoration Ministries.

An addiction recovery program focused on Christian principles, the Tabitha House for Women helps women get clean and learn a more productive and independent way of living. Located in South Holland, Illinois, Tabitha House invites women to become part of the residential treatment program for a length of 12 months to 18 months.

During the Christian-training program, women have the chance to stop abusing substances and work on repairing broken relationships with their children, family, and friends. They also work on learning job and life skills so they can make permanent life changes. After completing the program, the women also receive the help of a court advocate to attempt to regain any children that were previously removed from their care.

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