SwipeSimple Helps Merchants Get Paid

Retriever Merchant Solutions pic

Retriever Merchant Solutions
Image: rmsnpc.com


Greater Chicago-based payment processing solutions provider Retriever Merchant Solutions has expanded rapidly from a one-man company to a workforce of 225 agents serving over 30,000 merchants across the country. Headed by experienced merchant services professional Brian Kamstra, Retriever Merchant Solutions is the top-sales outlet for Vantiv processors and offers numerous EMV-chip-compatible point of sales systems, including the mobile-based payment platform SwipeSimple.

The introduction of EMV card-chip technology has put the onus on merchants to accept chip card payments or be liable for any fraudulent transactions. The SwipeSimple POS is compatible with three models of card readers which give merchants the ability to securely complete transactions with magnetic stripe and chip cards as well as mobile wallets like Google Pay.

Merchants can also accept payments 24/7 and view transactions in real time on the SwipeSimple dashboard. The software can also manage and track inventory and taxes, send receipts, and display transaction data.

Please visit http://www.rmsnpc.com/ for more information.

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