How to Start over After Addiction Treatment


Tabitha House pic

Tabitha House

Retriever Merchant Solutions provides payment processing services and systems that enable businesses to process their financial transactions quickly and securely. Based in the Chicago metropolitan area, the leadership of Retriever Merchant Solutions (RMS) aims to positively impact the community by supporting, among other organizations, Restoration Ministries’ Tabitha House for Women.

Located in South Holland, Illinois, Tabitha House for Women provides a residential addiction recovery program for women. While completing a rehabilitation program is an important accomplishment, many challenges lie beyond the last day of residential treatment. For those seeking to continue their sobriety, there are several steps you can take to set yourself on a better path after leaving rehab.

First, find sober friends. Even if old friends say they support your recovery, they’re not actually supporting your new life if they are still drinking or using drugs. You also need to find new activities and hobbies to fill the vacuum in your life that was once filled with drugs or alcohol. You may consider volunteering, restarting your education, or exploring a hobby. Another key to recovery is getting your body healthy, which can give you the extra energy and confidence you need to say no to bad habits.

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