RMS Helps B2B Sector Manage Payments and Costs


Retriever Merchant Solutions pic

Retriever Merchant Solutions
Image: rmsnpc.com

Based near Chicago, Retriever Merchant Solutions has devoted the past two decades to developing its merchant payment processing services and today serves as a leader in its field. Retriever Merchant Solutions (RMS) provides its business clients with near-field communication devices; point-of-sale terminals; Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) technology; and other advantages in next-generation equipment and logistics. RMS works with tens of thousands of merchant clients in a variety of industries and organizational cultures.

As a leading turnkey-operation provider, RMS offers industry-compliant processing systems at highly-competitive prices, an especially attractive option for business-to-business (B2B) customers.

The B2B sector needs up-to-the-nanosecond and highly-responsive systems for maintaining transaction records. It additionally requires payment-processing systems that are streamlined, reliable, and easy to use.

RMS’ solutions for B2B clients include a simple and highly-effective means of managing financial transactions, giving users full capability to issue credits, freeze or unfreeze payments, and see complete details of transactions on a single screen.

Managing recurring payments also becomes easier and more secure when merchants offering subscription-based transactions use RMS, whose products support a wide range of payment-schedule types.

Clients in areas such as real estate, medicine, and government will find that the NPC Secure system offered by RMS permits them to collect and better use customer data through a series of additional customizable entry fields. The NPC Secure system also provides the ability to generate confirmation emails for merchants and their customers.

Please visit http://www.rmsnpc.com/ for more information.

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