Restoration Ministries’ Founding and History

Restoration Ministries pic

Restoration Ministries

Retriever Merchant Solutions (RMS) works from its base near Chicago to offer some 30,000 merchants across the globe access to the best options in the payment-processing industry. Retriever Merchant Solutions also stays connected to its community through its executive team for philanthropic efforts, which supports Restoration Ministries, a group that empowers individuals to change their lives for the better.

Since its founding 30 years ago, Restoration Ministries has offered Chicago-area residents a chance for a new beginning. It provides residential shelters and Christian-religion education to men and women who are working to overcome substance abuse and addiction.

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary in 2013, news outlets related stories of the group’s history.

In 1988, a local dentist helped lead the small group that established Restoration Ministries with the specific goal of reaching out to men hoping to recover from years of drug addiction. This resulted in the founding of Harvey House, which continues to serve as a residential program for men trying to leave pasts of addiction and criminal behavior behind them.

Restoration Ministries initiatives operating today include those that work to fill the needs of youth through summer programs, sports, and recreation. The organization also administers Tabitha House, a women’s residential drug-recovery program, as well as thrift stores and a food pantry to provide jobs and necessities for people trying to regain their places in society.

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