What a Modern POS System Can Do for a Restaurant Business

Retriever Merchant Solutions pic

Retriever Merchant Solutions
Image: rmsnpc.com

Munster, Indiana-based Retriever Merchant Solutions is a payment-processing services enterprise that has ranked on the Retail CIO Outlook’s list of top 10 companies at the forefront of the retail-payment solutions sector. Clients who work with Retriever Merchant Solutions often seek reliable methods of payment processing in the form of cutting-edge point-of-sale (POS) systems, including business owners within the restaurant industry.

For the passionate restaurateur, remaining apprised of potentially mundane topics like back-office innovation is rarely a major point of focus. However, many of them miss an opportunity to grow their business by not taking advantage of modern POS systems and all that they have to offer. Listed here are three things that a quality system can do for a restaurant today.

Grant owners access to fast, accurate data
Gone are the days when a POS system did little more than streamline communication between serving and cooking staff. Modern POS systems give owners and their managers a closer look into inventory data and product movement by date, enabling the company to anticipate trends and plan accordingly. The most advanced systems even allow owners to access the information from their POS system via mobile app in real time.

Minimize costly instances of human error
Modern POS systems give owners the ability to limit the amount of manual typing that restaurant employees perform, diminishing the likelihood of human error. This is especially true of systems like Poynt, which utilizes a countertop touchscreen terminal that is easy to customize, simple to navigate, and efficient to use.

Facilitate Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) compliance
Credit cards equipped with chips sport an enhanced security feature that benefits customer and restaurateur alike. New POS systems that are EMV compliant protect the restaurant owner from costly incidences of chargebacks while affording the customer additional peace of mind.

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